A Message from Lynn

I am running for the Northwest area position on the Shawnee Mission School Board (Position 5) because too many of our children and grandchildren are not succeeding. The focus should be on student success in learning and I do not see that as a priority in the current environment.

One of my top priorities is retaining quality teachers and retaining students. The District lost both teachers and students in significant numbers during the prior two school years and I believe that the coming school year and future years could possibly be worse.

I believe the District is failing miserably in student achievement in reading, math and science. I distrust the reports produced by the District and the State. Independent sources produce reports that reflect a significant increase in the percentage of students that are performing below grade level in reading, math and science.

I have five children and four grandchildren that have attended schools in the Shawnee Mission School District. I have seen first hand how the District has transitioned over the past 36 years from basic education, reading, writing, and arithmetic to its current state. I am retired from the military and I worked at large corporations for over 30 years. I know what skills are needed to prepare a young person in life, both from an academic perspective and to become a responsible citizen. What distinguishes me most from my opponent may be my opposition to the status quo.

I commend the school district for the work-based programs that are in place and I think they provide great benefit for those students who participate in one or more of the programs. I believe the participation in those programs is insufficient to declare success in preparing a significant number of the student population to join the work force. Far too many students are performing below grade level in reading, math and science.

Every student in the District deserves an education that inspires them to achieve based on their talents and their dreams, taught by teachers who care about these students. This gives students a chance to live the productive and happy life we wish for them.

If you see the District failing to teach your child in this way, vote for someone who cares about all students and teachers in the District.

Vote for Lynn McLarty for Northwest area member of the Shawnee Mission Board of Education on November 7.


Lynn McLarty


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